Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors Houston

What is Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling requires hiring the best Horizontal Directional Drilling Company in Houston. Because it is a construction technique where we drill a tunnel under a waterway or other area.  And pull a pipeline through the underground tunnel. We drill the underground tunnel to follow an arc line from the entry point. And then resurface on the opposite side.

This is all done by the use of advanced technology. A drill head guides the drilling pipe electronically to ensure that the underground tunnel has the correct angle, depth, and exit point. And throughout the drilling process, the tunnel is kept open with a drilling mud. Which consists of water and bentonite clay. This ensures that the tunnel has lubrication and will not close up. When the underground tunnel is 12 inches wider than the diameter of the pipe going through it. We can then pull the pipeline through the underground tunnel from one end to the other.

Why Use Horizontal Directional Drilling 

Horizontal directional drilling is used for long underground pipelines. These are built across open areas. Such as farmlands and utility corridors. Utility corridors are tunnels built underground for the purpose to carry utility lines. Such as pipes, electrical lines, or steam. Typically, a construction crew will get approval to clear a route. And dig a specially prepared underground tunnel for the pipeline to go through. This method of drilling is preferred for open areas. Because we can complete the drill in a way to minimize damage to the environment. For large rivers or areas of water, directional drilling is the preferred method. 

Horizontal Directional Drilling Company in Houston

When you are needing a horizontal directional drilling done. You need the best Horizontal Directional Drilling Company in Houston. Because you want a crew that knows. And also understand exactly what they are doing. Because drilling underground requires skill and precision that is a learned trait. And our expert professionals have extensive training. So in Houston, look no further than Patriot Utility Services. When selecting Horizontal Directional Drilling Companies in Houston. Because experience matters, and we have over 50 years of experience in horizontal directional drilling.

Best Contractors

We Provide High Quality Horizontal Directional Drilling

We work at a high level of standard. And our Horizontal Directional Drilling Company Houston will not cut corners in our means and methods of performing the work. And will ensure the work we completed is to your level of specification.  If you need clarifications during the work. We will promptly issue a request for information so that we can overcome mid-project challenges as efficiently as possible.  As far as the materials we use, we have all our own equipment to perform any underground drilling job. We do not rent out our equipment because we are the professionals with the skills to handle it. 

We Have the Knowledge of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Because we have over 50 years of experience at Patriot Utility Services. We have the knowledge to complete any horizontal directional drill project. When know the steps to complete any drilling project safely. We also understand what problems could arise. So we pre-plan security measures to ensure the project will continue. Even when a problem arises. So, if you are looking for contractors that have an in-depth knowledge of the processes of horizontal directional drilling. Then Patriot Utility Services is here to serve all your Horizontal Directional Drilling Company Houston needs.

Best Horizontal Directional Drilling Company in Houston 

If you are looking for a Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors Houston. Then Patriot Utility Services is an underground construction company that specializes in the underground drilling of utility pipelines for electric power, solar, wind, telephone, satellite, cable, TV, fiber optics, security, sewer, oil, gas, petroleum, drain, water, and irrigation crossings. Our main focus at Patriot Utility Services is providing efficient, quality services for our customers. If you are needing underground construction drilling services, give us a call today at 636-208-0921. And learn how we can serve your drilling needs.

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