Horizontal Directional Drilling Corpus Christi, TX

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a construction technique where we drill a tunnel under a waterway or other area and pull pipeline through the underground tunnel for utility purposes. We drill the underground tunnel to follow an arc line from the entry point and then resurfaces on the opposite side.

Our Corpus Christi horizontal drilling services are done using advanced technology. A drill head guides the drilling pipe electronically to ensure that the underground tunnel has the correct angle, depth, and exit point. And throughout the drilling process, the tunnel is kept open with a drilling mud. Which consists of water and bentonite clay. This ensures that the tunnel has enough lubrication and will not close up.

When the underground tunnel is 12 inches wider than the diameter of the pipe going through it. We can then pull the pipeline through the underground tunnel from one end to the other.

Why is Horizontal Directional Drilling Used

Horizontal Directional Drilling Corpus Christi, TX is used for long underground pipelines that are built across open areas. Such as farmlands and utility corridors. Utility corridors are tunnels built underground for the purpose to carry utility lines. Such as pipes, electrical lines, or steam. Typically, a construction crew will get approval to clear a route. And dig a specially prepared underground tunnel for the pipeline to go through. This method of drilling is preferred for open areas. Because it can be completed in a way to minimize damage to the environment.

For large rivers or areas of water, horizontal drilling from our Corpus Christi company is the preferred method. Because this way of drilling ensures that the area above the drill will not be impacted significantly. Which is important because the reason you are drilling is to be able to transport the water from the original location to somewhere else.

What to Expect During Horizontal Directional Drilling

When an underground tunnel is being drilled for the pipeline. There are many things that you can expect will occur. Drilling equipment creates noises during the operation. Which means drilling usually takes place during the day and not in the evening.

The length of the time of horizontal drilling usually depends on the distance that the underground tunnel is needing to be, the geology, and the pipeline’s diameter. Sometimes, we can complete drilling in a few weeks and other times it makes take a few months to complete. Most construction crews will complete an advanced planning before the drilling begins. Which can provide a trajectory of time of completion. 

Are There Environmental Risks

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a chosen construction technique from our Corpus Christi company because its impact on the environment is not as severe as others. Horizontal Directional Drilling  allows for the placement of underground pipeline. Without the need for excavating or trenching. Excavating and trenching causes more impact on the environment so, without a need to do this, there is less impact happening above the ground.

We Drill in Any Condition

Are There Risks with Horizontal Drilling

There are risks with any drill and with Horizontal Directional Drilling there are not as many risks. But there are still some risks. The drilling mud mixture that is in use to keep the tunnel open while drilling can sometimes surface elsewhere. And end up in the soil above. Which is something that all drilling companies want to avoid. Which is why highly specialized technicians use advanced monitoring equipment. Along with visual monitoring to watch for potential problems.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Company Corpus Christi, TX

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