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What are the Underground Construction and Boring Services we offer in Houston, Texas? At Patriot Utility Services, our Underground Construction Services consist of underground boring of utility pipelines for electric power, solar, wind, telephone, satellite, cable, TV, Internet, wi-fi, fiber optic, security, oil, gas, petroleum, steam, sewer, drain, water, and irrigation crossings. When selecting a company for Underground Construction and Boring Services in Houston, Texas, you want a team that can perform. And at Patriot Utility Services, experience and knowledge matter. We are also veteran owned and operated.  We offer the most efficient and quality underground drilling services in Texas.

What is Underground Drilling

Underground drilling is one of the leading methods of installation of underground pipe.  From installing new water lines, sewer lines, and gas lines to installing new TV, Internet, or fiber optic lines, our Houston underground construction company can complete a wide variety of projects. The process begins when a directional drilling machine pushes a drilling head connected to hollow pipe into the ground at an angle. As each joint of drill pipe is pushed into the ground a new one is added behind. 

There are variations of the technique, but the essence of the technique is to drill holes from one spot in the earth to another in order to install new pipe in without disturbing the earth over-top.  Underground drilling offers one of the best options for high traffic or sensitive areas without causing disruption to traffic flow, landscaping or structures. Once the crews clean up it will look like they were never there.

The Process of Underground Construction and Boring Services

The process of underground drilling first consists of drilling a pilot hole. We do this with a drill machine. The drill machine drills and continues under and across the obstacle along the predetermined path. We then place an electronic transmitter behind the cutting head. And this transmitter sends a signal to the surface for the drill operator to see and read. With this information, the drill operator at our Houston underground construction company is able to steer the bore path in any direction.

First Step

Once the pilot hole is complete. The borehole must be a larger diameter for the pipeline to be able to fit in the underground tunnel. The borehole is enlarged by “prereaming” the bore to larger diameters. We are able to attach the reamer to the drill string.  And we then rotate and pull the reamer through the borehole. We then pump drill fluid to the reamer through the drill pipe. Then the excavated soil is suspended in the drilling fluid and then brought to the surface and recycled.

Second Step 

We know we have the correct hole size for the pipeline to fit through. Once the reamer can pass completely through. We will then attach A packer reamer to the drill machine. This packer reamer will assure that the hole is clean of all material. And that the drilling fluid has filled the hole completely. This drilling fluid will allow for a smooth lubricated pullback of the pipe, avoiding friction and damage to the pipe.

Final Step

The final step now is when we pull the pipe through the larger hole. We install a weld cap on the pipe for a swivel to attach to the drill string. This will ensure that the pipeline is not rotating. And the pipeline is securely pulled through the underground tunnel. The process of Horizontal Bore can sometimes take weeks or months depending on the length of the tunnel. 

The Benefits of Underground Construction and Boring Services

Underground Construction and Boring with our Houston company is mainly in use for crossings under rivers, roads, and existing structures. For the purpose of installing pipes and conduits to transport different types of fluids and materials. This method of drilling is a way to get utilities from one point to another without destroying the above ground. And it has many benefits as to why companies choose to underground drill. They consist of- reduces soil disturbance, a single location area can be used to install different pipelines, reduces the fractures to existing rock, protects the ecosystem, safer to operate, the weather will not impact the process, limited traffic disruption, and lower cost.

Underground Drilling Experts

Best Underground Construction and Boring Services Company in Houston

We believe at Patriot Utility Services that if we work to provide high-quality Underground Services in Houston, Texas. Then we can meet or even exceed your expectations as the project progresses.  Our knowledgeable team will be on site to manage the project and ensure efficient execution.  Our main focus is to provide efficient, quality service for our customers. We will make sure that you are happy with any job we complete. By ensuring that we listen to your specifications. And provide the best benefits for you. Give us a call today at 636-208-0921. We look forward to working with you. And discuss what needs you may be facing to require Underground Construction and Boring Services in Houston, Texas.

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